An exceptional mix of catchy melodies, wicked guitar riffs, heavy drums and the power voice of bandleader Danny – that’s Oversense!

With a songwriting, ranging between different styles of Metal and Rock, the music of the franconian combo thrives on it’s variety. Combination of hard headbanger riffs, bombastic orchestras and choirs create a unique sound in the form of fast heavy metal tracks to melodious power-rock.

Firstly established as a studio project in 2012, promptly a extraordinary live ensemble was formed, that captivates due to an authentic and sympathic live show, what makes every Oversense concert an unforgettable experience. So the band already entered big festival stages and played exclusive support slots for acts like metal queen Doro Pesch, In Extremo and Orden Ogan.

Following the debut EP “Dreamcatcher”, released in 2014, that was recorded all autonomously and mixed at Gatestudio Wolfburg, the work for their new record “The Storyteller” already started. After first drum recordings at Gatestudio Wolfsburg in February  2015, during the last months twelve tracks were formed, that were arranged, recorded and produced with lots of passion for detail in close cooperation with producers Olaf Reitmeier and Miro Rodenberg.

With „The Storyteller“ the melodic metal combo directly built on their musical style in 2017. But surprised with an extra of heavy riffs, pushing and lots of musical experiments.

“The Storyteller” is an impressive album produced by OVERSENSE, which will cause a sensation in the scene for sure, when it is going to be released mid May. The band form Northern Bavaria proves that there are great young talents within the German Melodic Metal scene. OVERSENSE put a strong team together and produced a real treat with their new album. Not only fans of bands like Edguy, Orden Ogan or Brainstorm will be thrilled!

With joining of Youtube star guitarist Jassy J in winter of 2017 the line-up reads as follows:

Vocals, Guitar, Keys – Danny Meyer

Guitar – Jasmin Pabst

Guitar – Marcel Winkler

Bass – Marco Volpert

Drums – Patrick Lippert