For those of you, who still haven’t got our latest record „The Storyteller“, we’ve got another little sneak peek video to listen.
With this clip, you can check out the second half of our new songs. Save your copy of „The Storyteller“ within your favorite online shop or stream tons of fresh heavy metal right now!


The day has come! Our new record is out now!

Order your copy at one of the listed record stores below or go to your favourite streaming service right away and enjoy “The Storyteller”!

The first press feedbacks already indicate something great:
• With “The Storyteller” OVERSENSE managed to create an album which counts to the strongest debut albums of the Melodic Metal field that I’ve listened to so far, in my opinion.
• The extraordinary mix of catchy melodies, phat guitar riffs, driving drums and the powerful voice of frontman Danny Meyer makes the album to a really successful debut album.
• It really is an album which can be looked at as a little piece of art where everything is matched-up.
• From the heartfelt ballad-ish “The Heart Begins To Shiver“ to the neo-classical Power Metal slant of “Last Goodbye“, this is an album with plenty to please many a Melodic Metal fan. Well crafted and intelligent, the first listen is as rewarding as subsequent ones.
• “The Storyteller” is an impressive album […] which will cause a sensation in the scene for sure, when it is going to be released mid May. The band form Northern Bavaria proves that there are great young talents within the German Melodic Metal scene. OVERSENSE put a strong team together and produced a real treat with their new album. Not only fans of bands like Edguy, Orden Ogan or Brainstorm will be thrilled!

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The Storyteller - Cover


Just 3 days left and the storyteller comes to you!
Preorder right now and you’ll get your copy on time on the 12th of May!

You want to listen to it right now? No problem! Check out our first sneak peek video, that already introduces half of the songs!
Furthermore, you definitely have to watch our music video to Mr. Mackie’s Chase For Love on YOUTUBE:

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